Eatery Incidents

There are certain things in life where there should be no surprises or curveballs.  Until yesterday, I thought Subway was one of those things.  I love Subway.  The food is good, its fast, and the price is solid.  The commercials on the other hand…not so much.  But that’s beside the point.  I hate how people bitch and moan about how they don’t put enough meat in their subs.  Oh, give me a break!  Have you ever gotten their Meatball Sub?  They pack that beast with meatballs.  Although sadly the Meatball Sub is what went wrong recently.  Yes, I had an unpleasant Subway experience yesterday.  But not only that, I had a second restaurant issue immediately following.  Well, I need to vent on my two eatery issues, so here it goes. 

Food Incident #1 (Subway): It’s dinner time, and I decide to go to one of my favorite cheap establishments…good ole Subway!  I went at 7:00pm, prime dinner time.  I was absolutely starving.  The line was a little long, but that’s to be expected.  I knew I wanted the Meatball Sub though.  I knew I had nothing to worry about.  Subway never lets me down.  Finally, it’s my turn.  I give my order and…something happened I will never forget.  The guy just hesitates.  He gives me this look like somebody had just died.  “Sorry sir, our meatballs aren’t ready yet.  It will be a little while.” You got to be kidding.  This is Subway!  The meatballs aren’t ready!  First of all, you’re Subway.  Everything should be ready to go 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  That’s ridiculous!  Second of all, it’s dinner time.  It’s not a random time like 3:00pm when nobody eats.  Okay, if it was 3:00pm and a lot of people had Meatball Subs for lunch (can’t blame them) and they decided to get a new batch ready to go, okay, I could maybe buy that.  But it’s prime dinner time.  This shit’s got to be ready to go, no excuses.  And lastly, it’s the MEATBALL SUB, arguably their most delicious and famous sub, and it’s not ready for dinner?!  You got to be kidding me!  What, do the meatballs have to reflect before they can be unleashed for the night! YOU’RE SUBWAY, get your act together.  Unbelievable!  Well, I guess even Mariano Rivera blows saves once in a while.  Thanks for nothing Subway.  I left.  I’m too hungry to wait for the prima donna meatballs to be ready.

Food Incident #2 (Chinese Food): Well after that debacle, I got my dinner somewhere else.  After eating I was still kind of hungry, so I decided to go to a small walk-in fast Chinese Food place for a light snack.  This place has some pretty damn good Chicken Teriyaki on a stick.  So I ask for 1 Chicken stick.  At first the checkout girl was nice.  She said it was going to be $1.80.  So I pull out my wallet.  I only had 2 twenties.  I hand her a twenty, and the look she gave pissed me off to no end.  “Uh, do you have anything smaller?”  I’m sorry, but stuff like this really sets me off.  Come on, really!  It’s called cash.  I’m giving you cash to pay for my item.  It’s one of the simplest exchanges of all time.  I’m sorry, this is all I have.  I can’t magically make smaller bills appear, ok!  This person should be happy I’m paying in cash and not credit card!  If she had asked me nicely if I had smaller bills, then okay, I wouldn’t be upset.  But nooooooooo, she has to ask me in the crabbiest way possible.  Give me a break.  I’m not walking next door and making change.  Maybe if you were nicer, I would consider it.  Just give me my excessive amount of change (sorry) and my Chicken Stick so I can leave this block of failed eateries.  Wow, I’m such a dick bag…trying to pay for my item.  Cut me a break.

Well those are my stories.  In conclusion, I guess the Subway incident irritated me more.  The Chinese Food place was simply annoying customer service and its possible she had been standing on her feet all day so I’ll cut her a little bit of slack.  But the Subway thing…there is no excuse for not having your fucking meatballs ready.  I know on average people probably get about 2-3 food incidents a month like this, but I got 2 in 1 day….unbelievable.

This topic gave me 7 “Oh Veys” of Annoyance out of 10.




  1. Katie

    damn i love meatball subs. I kind of figured they were in a perpetual state of readiness…can’t believe they were actually out!

  2. Kristin C. Le Duff

    Well, you FINALLY have a place to really vent out your everyday frustrations–which, if I know you, is everyone & everything! HILARIOUS…LOVED your Subway story (and the reflecting meatballs)…Question, why not wait longer so you could have your nice meatball sub?? Oh that’s right, it requires something you hardly grasp, patience… Yeah, I can’t STAND bad customer service–u shoulda hit her in the face! You should’ve went off while telling her about your Subway debacle.
    Please never stop blogging, this brings me such joy!

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