Poor Use of the Escalator

Sometimes people really piss me off, and by sometimes I mean all the time.  I was on the subway the other day and got quite annoyed.  Surprisingly it was not on the actual train.  It’s what happened afterwards that really got my yamakah spinning…

I had a long day.  My damn feet were tired and so I decided to take the escalator.  Normally I man up and walk the stairs, but this station has a shit load of stairs so I just couldn’t do it.  It was pretty packed as everyone power walked their way to the stairs and escalator which are right next to each other.  Now if you’ve ever been on an escalator which I’m sure most of you have, you know there isn’t much room. 

So I get on the escalator expecting a nice relaxing ride up to the surface.  But no…Instead I get a bunch of shit bags pushing and shoving and running their way up to the top.  Come on!  This is ridiculous.  The whole point of an escalator is to not move at all and let the movement take you up.  If you are going to shove people and run up anyway, then why not take the fricking stairs!!!  If they weren’t right next to each other or if the escalator was broken, then fine.  I can understand that.  But there is no reason to force your way up and push people such as myself out of the way!  I’m on an escalator, leave me alone.  The worst part is that several people were doing this.  I can’t talk about this anymore, it’s just too painful to relive.  Bottom line: If you plan on walking/running and you have a choice between stairs and the escalator…please take the stairs. 

This topic gave me 6 “Oh Veys” of annoyance out of 10.



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