$15.50=Movie Ticket?

I went to the movies the other day, and when the counter told me how much my ticket was, I thought I had time traveled 20 years to the future.   $15.50 for 1 movie ticket.  Really?  $15.50.  I’m not kidding.  Now let me clarify a couple things here.  I went to a very nice movie theatre.  It’s the type of place I expect to pay a little bit more than the average ticket, but still…this wasn’t Imax, and it’s not like it was some huge gigantic blockbuster 3-D extranvaganza epic event like Avatar or something.  It was a small little comedy.  It also wasn’t on a holiday or anything like that.  It was a normal Sunday afternoon.

$15.50!  I mean, really.  I just can’t get over that.  Recession my ass.  It seems like the movie industry is doing just fine when theatres can charge $15.50 for tickets, and crappy movies like Transformers and Twilight are kicking ass all over the box office breaking records.

But let’s not stray off topic here.  Did I mention I paid $15.50 to go see a movie.   Do you realize that for another 5 bucks or so, I could wait a few months and just buy the damn thing on DVD!  Not rent…buy!

This is absolute insanity.  I’m not so much as angry as I am just flabbergasted by this.  I could have chosen not to pay.  I made the choice.  And I did see a pretty good movie out of it at least.  I mean at this point, with these kinds of ticket prices, going to the movies is like placing a bet on a horse or sports team.  You need to do a lot of research and prep before seeing the movie.  You need to read reviews, analyze the trailers, and ultimately decide, “is this worth the money?  Will it pay off?”  Can you imagine if back in 1997 you went to see Batman and Robin or the Lost World: Jurassic Park, and you paid $15.50.  That means you paid all that money so you can get pissed off, angry, disappointed, and just out right disgusted.  Wow.  Really makes you think.  Bottom-line – Be careful out there, and don’t pay $15.50 for a ticket like me.


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