Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #22

The Mask (1994)

Plot: When lowly bank employee Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) finds a mysterious mask, it transforms him into a crazy green faced super powered misfit called ‘the Mask.’  The Mask gets in the middle of Dorian’s (Peter Greene) plans, a criminal trying to overtake the city’s current crime lord Niko (Orestes Matacena).

The Mask simply doesn’t work without Jim Carrey.  I can’t think of anyone else capable of playing a live action cartoon character.  That’s what this is.  The Mask is an insane creation.  Anyone else would have made this annoying as hell, but Carrey somehow keeps the same shtick funny for the whole movie.  It really is a damn good performance.  I love everything the Mask does, from making a tommy-gun out of balloons, freezing in mid-air when the cops tell him to “freeze,” and yes, I even like the Cuban Pete dance number.  When the Mask isn’t on screen, it’s a mediocre film, but even Carrey’s performance as Stanley Ipkiss is still very relatable.  The poor guy deals with some real dick heads, including Car Mechanics and even his best friend Charlie (Richard Jeni), who leaves him outside the club and always tries to pick up every woman before he can.  The effects are pretty solid too.  They are the perfect amount of zany.  The story is piss poor, and there’s barely a plot, but you watch this movie for one reason; Jim Carrey.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Very Good)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout)

Best Performance: Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss/the Mask
-I’ve pretty much said all I need to say.  Carrey almost convinces me he’s a cartoon.

Worst Performance: Peter Greene as Dorian Tyrell
-Just another boring run of the mill crime guy.  His voice is pretty cool when he puts on the mask though.

Best Line: “I think he wants to communicate.” –The Mask while an angry driver is impatient and honking his horn
-The calmness and delivery is perfect.

Worst Line: “I’m just an ex-employee who’s come for his back pay.  Or should I say pay back.” –Dorian as the Mask
-You would think wearing the mask would give him better dialogue. 

Best Fight:
-There really isn’t any because the Mask just destroys people.  Although the fist fight Stanley has with Dorian is decent, only because Carrey has a couple funny lines.

WTF Moment:
-This always pissed me off.  When the Mask pretends to be a dying cowboy, we see a shadowy audience clap at the bottom of the screen.  Someone gives him an Oscar, but wait; it’s a clear, crystal looking Oscar.  What!  Why the hell isn’t it gold?  They couldn’t get a real Oscar?  Is there some kind of legal issue?  Don’t they have a prop guy that can handle this?  Why do they make it a see through Oscar!  It’s really annoying!!

Best Scene:
-The whole arrival and dance scene at the Coco Bongo Club is pretty epic.  This scene had to of been influenced by Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  The dance sequence between Carrey and Diaz is fantastic to watch.  It also has the classic heart pounding out of the chest moment, which is what I always think of when I think of this movie.

Worst Scene:
-Did we really need to see the dog put on the Mask?  The movie sinks to juvenile levels here.  The dog pees on someone, bites someone’s ass and rips their pants, this was just unnecessary.

Funniest Moment:
-As the Cops pull out random crap from the Mask’s pockets, they find a picture of the main antagonist cop’s wife, which gets me every time.  I love his response: “Margaret…(to the Mask) you son of a bitch.”  Classic

Bad Ass Moment:
-It’s surprisingly not from Stanley’s alter ego, but Dorian’s.  When Dorian gets shot and sucks the bullets out and spits them back at Niko…that was pretty damn cool.  It begs the question, what else could an evildoer achieve with the mask?  Stanley is a nice guy, and it turned him into a criminal, so I can only imagine what it does to assholes.



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