Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #24

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

Plot: After thousands of years in captivity, the vile Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman) returns to Earth.  When a group of super powered teens (the Power Rangers) try to stop him, their powers are taken away when Ivan destroys their home base and severely weakens their leader Zordon (Nicholas Bell).  The Rangers must travel to a distant planet and find a power source to get their abilities back and stop Ivan from destroying the world.

You know it’s a 90’s movie when you see a group of really happy teenagers’ rollerblading.  I’ve never been a Power Rangers guy, alright.  I always thought they were JV version Ninja Turtles.  And after seeing the movie, I was pretty much dead on.  The acting is terrible.  The one-liners are atrocious.  And they don’t even try to distinguish personalities among the six Rangers.  They are all interchangeable.  At times this feels like television level production, and that’s kind of a problem when you’re a motion picture.  The villains are silly, annoying, and their costumes are a complete joke.  And it’s just a lazy movie.  There’s no clever or rational explanation for anything, it just does what it wants.   But to be fair, the fighting is pretty solid, it moves a good pace, and it at least entertains for the most part.  There’s also a huge robot battle towards the end, and even though the special effects are piss poor, at least I could tell what was going on unlike say, oh I don’t know…Transformers

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Barely Passable Entertainment)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout)

Best Performance: Paul Freeman as Ivan Ooze
-He had a solid voice.  That’s pretty much all I have to say.

Worst Performance: All of the Power Rangers
-They all speak the same way, say the same things, and react identically to every situation.  Nothing distinguishes them except gender and race.

Best Line: “Zordon still uses a bunch of kids to do his dirty work.” –Ivan Ooze
-Yea, good point.  Seriously, does Zordon just sit on his ass all day as a giant head and recruit teenagers?  What a lazy asshole.

Worst Line: “Yo fossil head.  I got a bone to pick with you.” –Tommy while fighting a living bone dinosaur
-There were a lot of bad puns, but this is the worst.

Best Fight:
-There’s a decent fight the Rangers have with these Rock Soldiers, although they would have been destroyed by General Trag’s Rock Soldiers from Ninja Turtles.  Take that Power Ranger fans.

WTF Moment:
-Ivan creates these bird-like warriors from his snot and then later when they fail, he obliterates them as hundreds of feathers float to the ground.  I don’t know.  I feel like PETA would get right on this…a little controversial for a kid’s movie. 

Best Scene:
-When those bone dinosaurs do come to life, it’s kind of cool with decent special effects.  They kind of look like the Dry Bone Koopas from Super Mario Brothers.

Worst Scene:
-When the Rangers are given their animal spirits, it’s used to answer and solve every single obstacle from that point on.  It’s just really lazy.  And they try and distinguish each character with an animal.  They are all the same!  Don’t even pretend like these are different characters.

Funniest Moment:

-When the crazy woman warrior Dulcea tells the Rangers many have failed in obtaining the distant planet’s power source, Tommy (the leader Ranger) defiantly says, “We won’t fail,” and Dulcea just stomps him to the ground in one motion.  Hahaha…take that Tommy.

Bad Ass:
-The Red Ranger’s robot Zord is an ape and he jumps on the back of one of Ivan’s deadly robots.  I guess giant ape robots are pretty cool.


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