Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #40

Blade II (2002)

Plot: When a new breed of vampires known as ‘Reapers’ seek out to feast on both vampires and humans, the high Vampire Council makes an uneasy alliance with Blade (Wesley Snipes) to lead a group of highly trained fighters known as the ‘Blood Pack,’ to destroy them and their leader Nomak (Luke Goss).

Maybe it’s not quite as strong as the original, but not far off.  Blade returns, and is once again kicking some serious vampire ass.  The first scene worried me a bit as it starts off with terrible acting and a really bad voice over from Wesley Snipes, but it kicks into high gear soon enough.  While Blade II is missing that Stephen Dorff factor, it does still have a plethora of strong supporting characters.  Ron Perlman plays Reinhardt, a complete dick head, but also kind of a bad ass.  He’s great in the role.  We also have Nyssa (Leonor Varela), the main female lead who was much stronger than the girl in the previous movie.  Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) is back, and he’s a lot funnier here then he was previously.  The villains aren’t in the same ball park as Dorff’s Deacon Frost, although Nomak gets more interesting as the film goes along.  The story at first is kind of lame; these goofy Reapers who run around gurgling and are almost completely animalistic…meh.  But, the plot really picks up towards the end when we find out what this movie is really about, and it’s a pretty damn satisfying conclusion.  The fights are just as cool as in the original, although they do look a bit cartoony at times.  Blade is just as bad ass, especially when Reinhardt tries to challenge his authority and Blade ends up making him a human bomb.  Awesome.  There are some really weird, but cool looking special effects.  We also get to see the vampire equivalent to cocaine which was this odd red stuff, that I guess is blood or something, I don’t know…strange.  Blade was a tough act to follow, but this sequel is right there with it.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (Great)        

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout)

Best Performance: Wesley Snipes as Blade
-Yea, this was surprising.  Although it starts out kind of rough with a bad voice over (Snipes should never narrate anything again), he really comes into his own in this role.  He talks more, and Snipes surprisingly delivers.  He commands the ‘Blood Pack’ with great authority and has a strong presence in this movie.

Worst Performance: Norman Reedus as Skud
-We could have done without this character.  He’s just some over anxious annoying kid.  And besides, he buys Krispy Kreme donuts instead of Dunkin Donuts.  What a jackass.

Best Line: “If there’s anything left of you in there Whistler, listen up.  In the morning those blinds are going to open whether you’re cured or not.” –Blade
-I like it because it just shows Blade’s hatred for the vampires so much.  He let his mentor off the hook once, but if he remains a vampire, he ain’t fucking around anymore.

Worst Line: -“Lock up your daughters, boys and girls, the dark knight returns.” –Skud referring to Blade
-There’s only one Dark Knight, and David Goyer who wrote this should have known better not to refer Blade to him.

Best Fight:
-There’s a few to choose from, but the coolest was early on when Blade is fighting Nyssa and Asad who are dressed in the ninja gear.  There’s not a lot to mention, it’s just fantastic fast paced martial arts.  It’s also got the cool back drop of the wall of light bulbs in the background.

WTF Moment:
-When the team is examining that dying Reaper and they open up his body was just ridiculous.  It looked interesting, but repulsive as well.  The inside looked like a fricking mess.  Disgusting and visually appealing at the same time.

Best Scene:
-It has to be the battle in the sewers.  When Blade releases that blue light bomb…holy shit.  There’s also a cool moment when he sets off a minor one as a group Reapers spring up from the water and Blade just slices in while they are in the air.

Worst Scene:
-After the team goes to this rave, there’s a long sequence of events of various members battling with the Reapers.  It’s not bad, but where the hell is Blade!!  These guys are okay, but there was way too much time elapsed where Blade doesn’t stab anything.  What the hell!!

Funniest Moment:
-This one’s pretty simple.  “You’re human,” says Blade.  “Barely…I’m a lawyer,” retorts Kounen.

Bad Ass Moment:
-Guillermo del Toro’s directing really shines when Blade goes into the big pool of blood.  The build up was epic.  Blade is significantly injured and weakened.  He’s standing above this huge pool of blood.  You just know he’s going to go in.  We get great music right before falling in.  There’s a brief moment of suspense before he rises, and when he does…you know everyone is fucked.


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