Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #44

X2 (2003)

Plot: William Stryker (Brian Cox), a military scientist, has studied mutants most of his life, and is hell bent on uncovering Professor Xavier’s (Patrick Stewart) school, specifically cerebro, which could have dire consequences on mutants.  The X-Men slowly discover his plot and form an unlikely alliance.  Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) learns Stryker may also have the keys to unlocking his own past.

X2 begins with the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) absolutely ripping through the White House in an attempt to kill the President.  The first scene is a tough act to follow, but director Bryan Singer manages to do just that in this absolutely kick ass sequel.  What’s great about X2 is that every mutant gets their chance to shine just like Nightcrawler.  Pyro (Aaron Stanford) goes crazy on cop cars.  Wolverine goes absolutely nuts when the military tries to take over the school.  Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) in a very minor role has a bad ass first appearance.  Even Cyclops (James Marsden) who disappears in the middle of the film comes back and absolutely destroys an entire room with his optic blast.  Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) also demonstrates ridiculous use of power at the end.  Professor X even freezes a room at one point, although he pisses me off.  He seems so powerful, yet when in real dangerous situations, he barely does anything.  What the hell.  The mutant who does nothing though is Storm (Halle Berry), who I just don’t like in this series.  Her biggest contribution is using wind to blow open a church door.  Yay.  The story is fantastic though.  The real brilliance of X2 is that you have a movie with all these super-powered beings, but the villain is just a man, yet he’s more of a threat then even Magneto (Ian McKellen) in the first film.  Now that’s superb writing.  I like the Professor X/Magneto meeting at the plastic prison.  Anytime those two have a scene together is always a good thing.  Wolverine trying to unlock his past is still compelling, and I love how it connects to the main story this time.  X2 delivers on a fantastic finale as well.  Stuff I don’t like…I’m not a fan of the Nightcrawler character.  His power is cool, but everything he says is way too preachy.  They also try and develop this relationship with him and Storm that is just flat.  Also, did we really need N’SYNC’s Bye Bye Bye song when Pyro turns on the radio?  What a waste of money for a lame joke.  The movie drags a bit, but it delivers on great action with an equally great plot to go along with it.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 (Really Great)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
-Jackman has to embody so many different personalities throughout the film and nails every one of them.  He’s at his best though when he goes berserk and takes out a billion soldiers in the mansion.  He’s kind of a dick though, especially to Nightcrawler.  When Nightcrawler starts telling him who he is, Wolverine is just like, “Ah, save it.”  That was kind of rude.

Worst Performance: Halle Berry as Storm
-She kind of had an accent in the first film, but now it’s completely gone here.  She just gets angsty and pissed off a lot. Berryhas no command of this character.

Best Line: “How does it look from there, Charles?  Still fighting the good fight?  From here, it doesn’t look like they’re playing by your rules.  Maybe it’s time to play by theirs.” –Magneto to Professor X who’s in some kind of trance
-You can just hear the ‘I was right and you were wrong’ mentality all over this line.  And it’s such a perfect lead in to Magneto using Professor X and cerebro to eliminate all the humans.

Worst Line: “Bobby…have you tried not being a mutant.” –Madeline Drake
-I know it’s supposed to be stupid and ignorant, but it really is just a dumb line.

Best Fight:
-It’s got to be Wolverine and Deathstrike at the end with a lot of stabbing going on.  Poor Deathstrike though dies in a horrible way, infused with adamantium.  It was kind of cool to hear that ‘clang’ sound when she hits the bottom of the little pool.

WTF Moment:
-I hate to be that guy, but when all the mutants are escaping the military base as it’s on the cusp of being destroyed by the Dam, wouldn’t it just be easier for Nightcrawler to teleport every one out?  Although, I guess he has to see where he’s going…but he did just teleport into a room he didn’t know he could.  So couldn’t he teleport right outside?  A little confusing…

Best Scene:
Magneto’s escape from prison.  Now as cool as his actual escape was, probably the best part of the scene and possibly best moment of the whole movie is the little smile he gives when he senses the metal inside the guard’s body.

Worst Scene:
-When everyone is in the woods, it turns into a big flirt party that just drags on forever. 

Funniest Moment:
-The first thing Wolverine does when he gets back to the school is flirt with Jean, and Cyclops immediately gets pissed.  Wolverine retorts, “Aren’t you going to welcome me home.”  Hahaha…Cyclops got owned.

Bad Ass Moment:
-Wolverine leaps off the stairs in classic Wolverine pose and just rips though three guys with his claws…Doesn’t get any better than that.



  1. Katie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this film! The best of the X Men series. It just has it all.

    Re: your nightcrawler quibble, I don’t think he can teleport more than one person at a time, and it would take longer for him to keep jumping back and forth than for them to all run out. Someone would get left behind. 😛

  2. danjewish

    I guess that could be true on Nightcrawler. Although, we have to ask ourselves, what’s faster. Everyone running through the facility to get outside. Or Nightcrawler constantly teleporting back and forth…I still think that’s faster.

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