Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #59

The Batman Vs Dracula (2005, animated)

Plot: When Dracula (Peter Stormare) is awakened in Gotham Cemetery, he begins turning the citizens into vampires, leaving it up to Batman (Rino Romano) to figure out a cure for the lost citizens and stop Dracula himself.

So this is a Batman animated series that is separate from the more well-known version of the early nineties, and which several past animated movies were based off of.  Batman Vs Dracula is an okay representation of the Batman, but there are several little things that bothered me.  I hate the look of the Joker.  He looks like a fricking hyena.  And the Joker turning into a vampire was very unsettling.  I don’t want to see an animalistic Joker.  In fact, I just really hate the whole idea of this movie.  I’m sorry, but Batman going up against Dracula and vampires is just really lame.  This is a pathetic storyline.  The character of Bruce Wayne and Batman was handled very well though.  And Alfred was even a bad ass, getting more screen time then he usually does.  There are definitely a few good Batman/Joker moments, and some that are even reminiscent of the Dark Knight which was pretty interesting.  There’s a ton of little things that bug me, but it’s an okay Batman entry.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (‘meh’) 

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Rino Romano as Bruce Wayne/Batman
-Not a whole lot to say.  He’s no Kevin Conroy, but it’s a solid rendition.

Worst Performance: Tom Kenny as the Penguin
-The Penguin just sucked in general.  They make him a goofy comic figure.  What the hell!  The Penguin deserves better.  And why was he in Arkham Asylum?  The Penguin should be in Blackgate Prison.  Unbelievable.

Best Line: “Batsy, you complete me.” –the Joker
-Now this is interesting.  This came out 3 years before the Dark Knight.  Was one of the best lines from that film inspired by this random animated movie?  Wow.

Worst Line: “Show me the money.” –the Penguin
-Wow, that’s great.  An unfunny played out catch phrase from 9 years ago.  There were two Jerry Maguire references in this film.  What’s with the love affair for Jerry McGuire?  Good movie, but still…let’s take it easy.

Best Fight:
-Batman Vs Dracula at the end.  Nothing special, but decent.  Plenty of punching, plenty of dodging, plenty of bat gadgets. 

WTF Moment:
-Batman is seen by some random security guard while at the cemetery.  BULL SHIT!

Best Scene:
-The Joker’s ‘death’ at the beginning of the movie.  This was pretty interesting.  First of all, his ‘death’ looked pretty cool.  His hand buzzer keeps going off in the water, which was visually appealing.  But the way Batman reacted, like he was in deep mourning for a friend.  It’s kind of strange, but intriguing nonetheless.  It makes you think about all the crazy shit these characters have been through.

Worst Scene:
-There’s something about bringing Joker back to the Bat Cave that bothers me a great deal.

Funniest Moment:
-Alfred says to Bruce at one point, “Sir, you are brooding.”  Wow…someone finally called Batman out on all his brooding.

Bad Ass Moment:
-Joker uses his extend-o glove on the Penguin.  Whenever Joker uses one of his trademark weapons, I get all excited.


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