Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #64

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

Plot: When Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) starts dating Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), his life turns upside down when she tells him she’s G-Girl, the city’s superhero.  But things get really out of hand for Matt when he breaks up with her, as G-Girl makes his life a living hell.

This is an odd movie.  I actually think there’s some charm to it, and with a few tweaks, it could have been solid.  Unfortunately there are a couple performances that really bring it down.  Uma Thurman just overplays the role.  She’s way too awkward as Jenny Johnson, and much too hateable as G-Girl.  Now I get this was intended, but its way over down on both accounts.  I’m really rooting for G-Girl to go down.  I hated this character, whereas the director (Ivan Reitman) wants you to find her funny and somewhat charming.  Not me.  I wanted her to go down in flames.  She’s completely horrible and detestable to Saunders who’s such a likable and good guy.  Her role is also sexed-up, and those scenes are just awkward.  I don’t like the vibe Thurman gives this character.  Maybe she should just stay away from superhero movies.  Unfortunately, she’s not even the worst performance in the movie.  That honor goes to Rainn Wilson.  The best part of the film is definitely the chemistry between Luke Wilson and Anna Faris.  They are fun to watch.  The movie is also just overly cliché.  We get a run of the mill back story on G-Girl and her nemesis, the music is painfully generic, and they try and casually mention super villains.  Saunders’ reaction to meeting Professor Bedlam is simply, ‘Oh, you’re that super villain.’  It just doesn’t work.  My Super Ex-Girlfriend isn’t bad.  I got some chuckles, and even some of the crazy Uma Thurman stuff made me laugh at times.  It’s got a lot of problems, but its okay.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (‘meh’)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders
-He’s just a likable guy, and you really hate G-Girl so much more because of it.

Worst Performance: Rainn Wilson as Vaughn Haige
-He’s written as such a pathetic and reprehensible character, and Wilson makes it even worse with his performance.  We’re supposed to mildly like him, but I just wanted him to go away.  He’s kind of funny in the last scene, but that’s about it.  He’s a total dick and a waste of time.

Best Line: “My thoughts are with you in this time of crisis Vaughn.” –Matt
-This is just a funny and well delivered line.  Matt tells Vaughn this on the phone after Vaughn whines about not being able to work out because there’s a fire blocking his way to the gym.

Worst Line: “She looks like a cheerleader from Spank-You University.” –Vaughn
-This is the kind of crap I’m talking about with the Rainn Wilson character.  It’s not funny.  Awful line.  Awful delivery.  Awful everything.

Best Fight:
-When Hannah (Anna Faris’ character) gets super powers, she and G-Girl have a mildly amusing super-powered cat fight.  That’s really the only fight here.

WTF Moment:
-Like I said, Uma Thurman’s character is really sex crazy, and there’s a scene where they do it in the air while she’s flying Saunders around.  It’s just awkward, and rather than looking sexy, Thurman just looks frightening.

Best Scene:
-Saunders, Jenny, and Hannah are all at dinner, and there’s a huge missile heading forNew York.  Jenny/G-Girl refuses to go help, wanting a night off, but Saunders keeps prodding her as Hannah just looks painfully confused.  This is just a good scene by everyone as they all have good chemistry and comic timing.

Worst Scene:
-G-Girl attempts to kill Saunders’ fish with heat vision!  What a bitch!  This is what I mean about having no likability towards G-Girl.  She tries to kill the poor guy’s gold fish!!  Come on!

Funniest Moment:
-Even though it’s a terrible special effect, when G-Girl throws that shark through the window, it’s pretty damn funny.

Bad Ass Moment:
-There really weren’t many, but when a cab drives right by Saunders and Jenny, she uses her super breath to pull it back.


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