Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #71

Mosaic (2007, animated)

Plot: Still in High School, aspiring actress Maggie (Anna Paquin) is endowed with chameleon-like powers after an electrical storm, giving her the ability to shape shift and turn invisible.  Maggie teams up with the mysterious Mosaic (Kirby Morrow) who comes from a race of chameleon-humans as they try and take down Manikin (Ron Halder), a chameleon-human who wants to take over the human race and has also kidnapped Maggie’s father (Gary Chalk), a special agent investigating Manikin’s kind.

Boring exposition.  The plot takes forever to develop.  Some bad dialogue.  But otherwise, okay.  The animation is solid for the most part.  For an animated movie, there are actually some intense scenes.  Maggie has this nightmare after getting her powers where she’s running away in just her underwear as all these weirdos converge on her.  There’s also a shot where she’s bleeding from her head.  The character of Maggie carries the film well.  Anna Paquin takes some otherwise bad dialogue and makes it tolerable.  Maggie takes her love for acting a little too far though with lines like, ‘Cut and print.  That’s a wrap.’  She also lets out a classic ‘Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!’ at one point, so that was exciting.  Maggie and Mosaic travel to Europe and track down Manikin, but Maggie is just all excited about going toEurope for the first time.  Your dad has been kidnapped!  I know people love to travel abroad, but could we put things into perspective please…geez.  Other than Maggie, Mosaic is the only mildly interesting character.  He’s unintentionally funny here and there.  The worst part about this is the dialogue.  It’s so direct, like it was made for a 3 year old.  Maggie talks to herself, going into great detail and specifics about what her powers can do when the audience just saw her experimenting with them for five minutes.  It’s pretty obvious what she’s capable of just from seeing it on the screen.  We don’t need every little thing spoon fed into our brains.  The villain stinks, it’s a ho-hum story, but the film held my interest for the most part.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (‘meh’)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Anna Paquin as Maggie
-Paquin makes this a very likable character, even with some questionable dialogue.  She talks a lot in this film.  I hope in the recording sessions she drank plenty of Gatorade.  Maggie is constantly blabbering on.  She sounds like Alicia Silverstone at times which was weird.

Worst Performance: Ron Halder as Manikin
-He’s the villain, and he’s pretty bad.  It’s just a very generic bad guy with a whiney voice, not threatening at all.

Best Line: “My job is to find the person or people responsible for what happened to your father Miss Nelson.  Would you rather I do that, or fall to the floor in tears.” –Agent Newell’s response to Maggie’s claim she’s not acting sensitive enough
-Good line.  Wow, way to put the dramatic teenage girl in her place.

Worst Line: “Double Caramel Mocha Frap on me?” –Maggie to her friend Stephan
-What the hell kind of drink is that?  It sounds insane!

Best Fight:
-The first time Maggie and Manikin fight is pretty solid.  Maggie goes invisible, but Manikin keeps knocking over the brick and wall to create dust and ash, revealing her form.  Then he chucks a rock at her head.

WTF Moment:
-Did they really need to refer to the chameleon-humans as homo-chameleons…Wow, really?

Best Scene:
-Maggie revealing her powers to Mosaic.  It’s a pretty funny scene.  They just keep insulting each other, but Maggie definitely calls him out on knowing nothing about humans after Mosaic gives her a flabbergasted look when Maggie mentions Lord of the Rings.

Worst Scene:
-As Maggie discovers her powers, she climbs up a wall via Spiderman.  And yes, some kid walks by and says, ‘Looks like Spiderman.’  Did we really need to mention Spiderman?  Come on!

Funniest Moment:
-Maggie realizes acting is small potatoes when she has to save the world.  She questions whether she wants to continue it.  And then Mosaic actually compares actors to doctors, farmers, and police, claiming, ‘They feed and heal and protect their bodies, yes.  But it is acting that feeds their minds.  Gives them hope.  It takes them from what is and envelopes them in what might be.’  Haha.  If it was just the line itself, not comparing it to doctors, farmers, and police, then okay…but let’s calm down Mosaic, alright.

Bad Ass Moment:
-At the end when Manikin is trying to adapt his deceased wife’s abilities, Maggie shows up as the wife and completely distracts and bags Manikin.  This took me by surprise and was a pretty bad ass plan.


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