Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #92

Hulk Vs (2009, animated)

Plot: Two animated features focusing on the Hulk (Fred Tatasciore) and his battles with Thor (Matt Wolf) and Wolverine (Steven Blum).

This film is pretty much as advertised.  The Hulk fights…and it’s spectacular.  I’ll break each section down separately, but rate it as one overall feature as well as still give one answer for the categories.  So here we go…’HULK REVIEW’

Hulk takes on Thor in Asgard, and we pretty much jump right into it.  Usually when there’s a movie involving the Hulk, live action or animated, we don’t see him for a while, but not in this one.  All the Asgardian voices pretty much sound the same, but that’s okay.  We are here to see Hulk and Thor duke it out, and boy do they ever.  Hulk vs. Thor is pretty epic.  They just bash the shit out of each other.  The sound effects of the hammer make it that much more riveting.  My favorite part is when Hulk chucks a huge statue at Thor and Thor just chips away at it, never touching him.  This fight reminded me a lot of the Superman/Doomsday battle from that animated movie.  Thor takes on this monstrous creature ala Doomsday, and when Thor starts to bleed, it’s a real shock to the system, just like with Superman.  Aside from the actual fight, there’s even some solid character interaction going on in such a short amount of time.  The heartbreaking part of the movie is Bruce Banner’s fate at the end…poor guy.  There’s plenty of good characters and plenty of great fights making for a real solid movie.

Now this next feature I may even like better.  Wolverine comes off as truly scary.  My favorite moment with him is when the military tells him to find the Hulk, and if he can’t stop it, kill him.  Wolverine gives this subtle little smile and responds with ‘Sounds like fun.’  Even though we all know Wolverine can heal, it’s still hard to believe this guy could take on the Hulk.  But the beginning of the film really sells you on it.  Wolverine truly is the bad ass we all know and love.  Deadpool also shows up, so that was fun.  He’s really funny for the most part.  The writing does a good job of straddling the line between ‘funny’ and ‘too annoying.’  The fighting is brutal: Bloody and relentless.  This is basically Wolverine stabbing things for 35 minutes.  The fighting does go on a little too long though.  You start to feel a little fatigue.  You get plenty of X-Men villains to wet your appetite such as Sabertooth, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and of course Deadpool, so there you go.  The only annoying thing about this is that it doesn’t really end.  Don’t expect closure.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Very Good)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Steven Blum as Wolverine
-He was grisly, funny, and scary…perfect.

Worst Performance: Mark Acheson as Sabertooth
-He just sounded like a bad Wolverine…lame.

Best Line: “You may try to take my soul, death goddess.  But I will make you fight for it.  And your realm has suffered much already this day.” –Thor
-That’s a pretty bad ass thing to say to the death goddess.  Thor is basically like, ‘yea, just try and take my soul.  See what happens.’  Thor rules.

-I think we could have done with just a simple ‘Hulk smash!’

Best Fight:
-As great as Hulk and Thor was, I got to go with Hulk and Wolverine.  It’s just so vicious and bloody like two wild animals ripping each other apart.  Wolverine just takes a beating in this, much like Rocky against Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

WTF Moment:
-Thor is practically dead, but is brought back by Amora’s kiss.  How does this really work?  And when they want to bring Bruce Banner back to life, why can’t she do it then.  It just seems kind of random, and a bit of a plot hole.

Best Scene:
-Thor isn’t fucking around anymore.  He yells at Hulk, ‘Nay…you will have its thunder,’ as he summons up the big lightning and thunder attack as the sky transforms and swirls around…oh man, it’s coming.  Thor fucks him up.

Worst Scene:
-Loki and Amora gain control of Hulk a little too easily.  He’s supposed to be this exceptionally powerful being, but they master him in about two seconds. 

Funniest Moment:
-Wolverine is shot with a bunch of tranquilizer bullets.  As he’s about to go to sleep, he sees Deadpool perched on a rock and goes ‘Hi Logan…I shoooooooot you.’  It’s really all about the delivery; I can’t quite give it justice here.

Bad Ass Moment:
-Hulk grabs Lady Deathstrike and rips apart her cybernetic arms.  It was an awesome shot.


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