Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #99

Planet Hulk (2010, animated)

Plot: The Hulk (Rick D. Wasserman) becomes too dangerous for Earth and is exiled to the planet Sakaar where a tyrant ruler (Mark Hildreth) forces him into gladiatorial combat.  Some believe the Hulk to be the Planet’s savior, but Hulk just wants to be left alone in peace while a rebellion begins to take shape against the planet.

This one takes a while to get into, but once it gets going, it’s not bad.  The movie starts off with Iron Man telling Hulk via video phone that he’s too dangerous for Earth and needs to be sent away.  Wow…what a dick.  The set-up and first half of this film is just completely uninteresting.  I don’t care about these random rock soldiers.  The back stories are boring beyond belief.  And the gladiatorial combat is repetitive.  This Red King villain is really lame too.  You just want to see Hulk bash him apart in the first ten minutes so we can be done with this.  What it all comes down to though is whether or not the Hulk can carry his own film?  We’ve seen him do it with the live action Incredible Hulk, but in the other Marvel animated movies, he’s always with the Avengers or Wolverine or whatever.  The movie finally picks up steam when we learn more about Caiera, the Red King’s lieutenant, and the only other mildly interesting character besides Hulk.  Bottom-line with this movie: it gets better, but the first thirty minutes are pretty rough. 

Rating: 6 out of 10 (‘meh’) 

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Rick D. Wasserman as Hulk
-Wasserman had a good command of the character.  You could always feel what Hulk was thinking even with such short and simple lines.

Worst Performance: Sam Vincent as Miek
-This was unbearable in the first half, but it got better.  It’s just this really annoying screechy voice, and making matters worse, he talks in third person.  And Miek isn’t nearly as funny as Jimmy from Seinfeld.  Not many people can pull off the third person speak.

Best Line: “Tell your king I’m not going anywhere.  If he wants to kill me, he’ll have to do it in the arena in front of everyone.” –Hulk
-That’s a pretty scary ultimatum coming from a guy like the Hulk.

Worst Line: “You the bug, Miek.” –Random guy in the crowd
-Oh, because Miek’s a bug.  So instead of ‘you the man’ it’s ‘you the bug.’  I get it.

Best Fight:
-There’s a pretty good fight between Hulk and the Asgard warrior Beta Ray Bill. But we’ve seen Hulk against Thor a couple times, so I’m kind of over it.

WTF Moment:
-Hulk is Hulk the entire film!  Huh?  Why does he never change back into Bruce Banner?  How can he talk in complete and thought out sentences?  Why was he exiled?  He seems to have complete control this whole movie.  I don’t get it!

Best Scene:
-Red King getting injected with spikes and then lit on fire was a pretty bad ass way to go.

Worst Scene:
-At one point, the film turns into one big back story, complete with prophecy predictions.  Booooooooooooring.

Funniest Moment:
-So all the slaves on Sakaar wear these weird disc things on their chest.  Hulk breaks the one on Beta Ray Bill’s chest.  Here’s what happens after that:

Beta Ray Bill: You broke the disc…I’m free.

Not even a second later, Hulk smashes him across the arena.  What a great way to start your freedom.

Bad Ass Moment:
-A classic Hulk fist smash in which he redirects fire back towards the Red King.


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