Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Movie #107

All-Star Superman (2011, animated)


Plot: When Superman (James Denton) gets exposed to solar radiation, his powers increase to an unhealthy state and he is not given much time to live.  It’s discovered that this was Lex Luthor’s (Anthony LaPaglia) plan all along, and he has one more sinister plot for the world.  It’s up to Superman to stop him, but his time is running out.

This is a weird movie, and I don’t like it too much.  The overlying theme of Superman on his deathbed is interesting, but the movie has absolutely no focus.  It bounces around 25 different things and is just a frustrating experience.  There is so much crap forced into this movie, it’s ridiculous.  There are these weird dinosaur creatures that look like Leatherhead from Ninja Turtles, Parasite is shoehorned in leading to a pointless prison riot, there are random Kryptonians who show up and take over the world for five minutes, and then at the end, this Solaris thing is thrown in as a Sun eater who looks like one of the spiked balls from Minesweeper.  Nothing is explained.  The film is infused with random crap.  No one notices a huge underground base right under Lex Luthor’s prison cell.  How did he build this?  Come on!    It’s just a mish mash of confusing crap.  I don’t understand why they just couldn’t focus on the main story of Superman coming to grips with his death.  This needed to be simplified.  And going back to the weird factor, there’s just a lot of things in here that really caught me off guard.  Why does Superman’s fortress of solitude look like a five-star hotel complete with fancy restaurant?  Why is everyone’s neck really fat?  I don’t like the animation in this at all.  The voice acting is mediocre to bad all around.  And I really don’t need to see Lois Lane with Superman’s powers flying around in a cape…ugh.  But the absolute worst part about this movie were these two random douchebags from the future, Samson and Atlas.  These guys are so annoying.  Much like everything else in this movie, they randomly come in for no reason, and are all of a sudden bringing in this Egyptian Sphinx, then they want to challenge Superman to a duel, I don’t know, I really hated these characters.  They blew bags.  The saving grace of this whole mess was the last ten minutes.  The ending is pretty damn good because they actually focus on Superman’s impending death and Luthor’s big threat.  That’s what the whole movie should have been!  This is entertaining here and there, but All-Star Superman is ultimately a giant mess of a film.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Barely Passable Entertainment)

Category Rankings (Spoilers Throughout):

Best Performance: Anthony LaPaglia as Lex Luthor
-We actually get a pretty solid Luthor here.  Not goofy, but a pretty threatening villain.  The voice was a little hoarse though, but it works well.

Worst Performance: Edward Asner as Perry White
-This performance really sucked, although I have to admit, I think the voice came off even worse than it was because of the way Perry White was animated.  His neck is so fat, and that combined with the voice really reminded me of Jabba the Hutt.

Best Line: “I’ve always liked you, Kent.  You’re humble, modest, comically uncoordinated.  Human.  In short, you’re everything he’s not.” –Luthor
-That illustrates Luthor’s feelings on Superman so well.  And of course it’s just oozing with irony, so there you go.

Worst Line: “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” –Perry White
-I really hate this line, I’m sorry.  It symbolizes the inability to move on from the ancient Superman material.  This line doesn’t work and needs to go away from future Superman related movies. 

Best Fight:
-Superman and the super-powered Luthor at the end is the only option.  It’s alright, but could have been better.  The dialogue between them though is pretty solid.  I especially like Luthor’s realization at the end.

WTF Moment:
-Jimmy Olsen is wearing women’s clothing.  You assume it’s for an undercover story, but they explicitly say it’s not.  So…why is he wearing women’s clothing?

Best Scene:
-The interaction betweenClark Kent and Luthor in prison is pretty interesting.  I like Luthor’s reasoning for why he selects Clark to write the ‘Superman is dead’ story.  He’s everything Superman isn’t.  It’s intriguing that Luthor still has no idea Clark is Superman, even at the very end of his life.  But this scene is almost ruined when Parasite randomly starts a prison riot for ten minutes.  Just focus on the Kent/Luthor relationship!  But that was the whole movie in a nut shell…no focus.

Worst Scene:
-The whole sequence with the other Kryptonians is really lame.  So these random Kryptonian astronauts have just been floating around in space for years.  They come to Earth.  They try and take over.  It turns out they were exposed to kryptonite while traveling.  And before dying, they forgive Superman for what they did.  This is about a ten minute sequence.  What a complete waste of time.

Funniest Moment:
-Superman visits Luthor in prison and tries one last time to reconcile with him.  Luthor just spits at the window.

Bad Ass Moment:
Superman on the verge of turning into pure energy and barreling into the sun was pretty bad ass.


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