Superhero Movies on Steroids Series: Expanded

When I started this whole Superhero Movies on Steroids Series, I wrote in my original post that I was going to stop at All-Star Superman.  My thinking was the summer of 2011 was the start to a new superhero movie era, and I wanted to rank the past era up until that point.  Now I realize that’s pretty lame.

So I will be continuing this series and include the films (both live action and animated) that we saw this past summer.  After the animated release of Batman: Year One next month is when I’ll be posting my super duper mega superhero movie ranking list in which I will countdown from the very worst to the very best, my personal superhero movie rankings, as well as provide a definitive winner for the all categories (along with some new ones).  And really, this series will never end.  Whenever a new superhero movie is released, I will be reviewing it the same way I always have and be adding it to where it places on my rankings list.  So there you go.


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