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Movie Combos: The Big Lebowski meets Dumb & Dumber

Welcome to my new series, ‘Movie Combos.’  Basically what we’ll do here is imagine that two movies are in the same universe, combing them into one singular movie.  What would the plot be?  What are some of the stand out scenes?

For our very first attempt at this, let’s combine two comedy classics:

The Big Lebowski and Dumb & Dumber:

Main Cast:

Jeff Bridges: Jeff ‘the Dude’ Lebowski
John Goodman: Walter Sobchak
Jim Carrey: Lloyd Christmas
Jeff Daniels: Harry Dunne
Julianne Moore: Maude Lebowski

The Plot: Jeff ‘the Dude’ Lebowski and Walter take a road trip to Aspen, Colorado for a bowling tournament.  On the way there, Walter’s car dies.  The Dude loses it because he didn’t even want to go to the bowling tournament in the first place.  Walter is noticeably offended.  Suddenly a van that looks like a dog pulls up.  It’s Lloyd and Harry.  They offer to give the two a ride to Aspen, as they are headed there themselves because Lloyd left his lucky jacket behind from last time.

The Scene Stealer: The four stop at a diner where they run into Sea Bass who wants revenge on Lloyd and Harry from the previous movie.  Walter gets upset and pulls a gun on Sea Bass telling him, ‘Sea Bass, your entering a world of pain.’  The Dude urges Walter to take it easy, as Lloyd and Harry sink into their seats freaked out by the whole situation.

Notable Funny Moments:

-The Dude gets annoyed at the Mocking Bird sing along in the car, but Walter likes it.

-The Dude tells Harry and Lloyd their worm store idea (I Got Worms) is a bad idea.  The Dude responds with ‘Nobody wants to own a fucking pet worm, man!’

-The four have to stop at a motel for the day because it’s the Sabbath, and Walter refuses to ride in a car.  Harry and Lloyd get the concepts of Sabbath and Bris mixed up, and want to help Walter out.  In the middle of the night, they approach Walter’s room and attempt to, you know…

Love Interest: Maude returns, and Lloyd immediately falls in love with her.  Lloyd asks Maude what the chances of a ‘girl like him, and a guy like Maude’ have ending up together.  Maude tells him it’s 1,000 to 1.  Lloyd gets really excited, creating a love triangle between Maude, Lloyd, and the Dude.  The Dude tells Lloyd to stay away from his ‘lady friend.’

Big Revelations: It’s revealed that Harry and the late Donny were actually brothers.  From this point on, Walter continuously tells Harry to ‘Shut the fuck up, Harry.’

Memorable Dialogue: ‘So you’re saying that parakeet really tied the room together, huh man?” –The Dude on Harry’s deceased pet bird Petey

Surprise Cameo: John Turturro returns as Jesus Quintana, and ends up alone in a bathroom stall with Lloyd.

The End: The foursome finally arrive in Aspen and realize Walter had the date wrong on the bowling tournament.  It’s actually next weekend.  The wealthy Lebowski also shows up again, and is so disgusted with the idiocy and ineptitude between all four characters that he literally has a heart attack and dies screaming ‘the bums lost.’  Walter convinces the Dude to take on his identity as ‘Jeff Lebowski’ and claim his fortune for himself.  The two end up living in his large mansion.  Meanwhile, Lloyd and Maude make love, but Maude only uses Lloyd to bare another child.  Lloyd does end up finding his jacket, but their van breaks down on the way home.  As Lloyd and Harry walk home, Lloyd reveals he stole Walter’s bowling ball as a final prank and the two laugh hysterically into the sun set.