Movie Review – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Plot: We follow the classic X-Men character Wolverine and his origins from small boy to soldier to the Weapon X project.  Wolverine seeks revenge on his brother Victor as well as all those who experimented on him.

The title should have been called Wolverine Fights A lot.  That’s all he does. The movie feels like some two bit action extravaganza that Hollywood pumps out just in time for May, but because it’s Wolverine and because it’s Hugh Jackman, I accepted it and had a good time.  But if you are expecting a powerful comic book movie like the X-Men trilogy was, you will be supremely disappointed.  It’s just not that.

I guess for me because I grew up on Wolverine, watched the cartoon and the movies, that I didn’t need a deep character development.  But if you know very little about Wolverine, you will be very confused and won’t care.  It moves at a warp speed pace, which is fine, but it did bother me sometimes.  I blinked for a second, and before I knew it Wolverine was strapped into a pool of water ready to get his famous adamantium transfusion.  Can we have a little bit of a moment here?  This is kind of important.  Half the movie is practically all action, but the build up to this particular scene could have been better.

As I said before, Wolverine fights quite a bit.  It felt like playing the classic Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out as Wolveirne moves up the ranks through out the movie fighting increasingly harder opponents until he literally goes up against the “Mike Tyson” of the film.  Now luckily the fight scenes are pretty damn good.  That’s all this movie really has going for it.  For me, that’s what I loved about Wolverine.  He always got into these bad ass fights.

There are three noteworthy acting performances.  This is the fourth time Hugh Jackman has donned the claws and he was fantastic as always.  What more can you really say?  Liev Schreiber as Victor (also known as Sabertooth) actually stole the show for me though.  He was truly a threatening antagonist to Wolverine and I liked their conflict a lot.  What I didn’t like though was how it ended, but I won’t spoil it for you.

The other performance I really enjoyed was Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.  Now you don’t see too much of this guy, but when you do, you remember him well.  Ironically, I found him to be one of the better developed characters in the movie.  Then of course we have a smorgasbord of mutants who are pretty much just there for the hell of it.  The rest of the acting is forgettable.  It was awesome to see Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) who was one of my favorite X-Men characters.  He walks around in a big brown trench coat and throws explosive playing cards.  What more do you need out of a character?  The answer is nothing.

So all in all, was I disappointed with Wolverine?  Yes, I was.  He’s such a great character and so much more could have been done here.  Much like Spider-man 3, there are just too many underdeveloped characters that I ultimately ended up not caring about anyone.  But unlike Spider-man 3, it was never goofy, and because of the fast pace I was always entertained and never bored.  There was nothing that ticked me off about the movie, but there is nothing special here either.  It’s worth seeing, but it’s just a nice little action flick that happens to star Wolverine and nothing more.

Ranking: 6.5 out of 10.



  1. Beak

    I’m sorry there wasn’t enough phallic reflection for you… but it makes me a little more excited to see the movie.

    I hope the beaker scenes were awesome. Thanks for leaving out any analysis on this. Two people read this blog, one is a beaker.

  2. grsshppr

    I really enjoyed the first two X-Men movies. And I thought the third movie was okay at best. From watching the movie trailers, I was willing to give Wolverine a shot and actually spend the money to go see it on the big screen.

    Wolverine, for me, was actually a good movie. There was plenty of fighting, the story line was good, and the CGI was very good. The movie also left development for other X-Men to flourish.

    I know you gave it a 6.5/10, but I would give it a solid “B.” Good Review.

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