Mac Fanboys

I need to touch on an incident I had at the Mac Store recently.  Now let me preface my post with this: I think Mac is a great product.  I can’t live without my I-Pod.  They are clearly superior to the PC world right now, and I give them all the credit in the world.  But what really gets to me sometimes is the arrogance of the Mac Fanboys.  What am I talking about?  Well, here it goes.

So I’m in New York with my friend who decides it’s time to buy a Mac Computer.  Fair enough.  We go to the Mac store, and there are people dressed in blue Mac Shirts everywhere.  They also have a Mac greeter waiting to take us into the exciting world of Mac.  Well, I was kind of bored, and thought it would be amusing to throw in a lame joke to the greeter to help lighten the day.  Now before I tell you what the joke is, let me be clear in that I completely acknowledge that this is a terrible  joke, but here it is:

I asked the Mac guy: “Excuse me, sir, do you sell any Dells?”

I figured he would just do the customary half smile, “very funny sir” reaction, and then we could all move on.  But the reaction I got instead really set me off.  First, his eyes bulged out of his head like he was about to explode.  The guy looked so irritated and offended, you would think someone just fired him.  There was no positive emotion at all.  Now before I tell you why this reaction irritated me for the rest of the day, keep in mind this is all speculation and opinion, but I feel pretty strongly about it.

I believe this jackass loves his Mac products so much, that even though I was clearly joking, he got offended.  As if to say, “How dare you mention another company except for Mac in this store.”  Oh, give me a break.  I didn’t mean to insult the preious Apple.  I was making a little joke, completely harmless.  But this is how a lot of die hard Mac Fanboys perceive the world.  They think the entire world revolves around this one company.  Look, Mac makes a lot of great things, but they dont run the damn world.  They aren’t the NFL.

It’s just sickening that these Mac jerk bags can’t even take a joke.  Look, I know my joke wasn’t funny.  But for him to get offended really upset me.  And I wasn’t trying to be a jackass.  I was clearly just making a friendly joke.  There was nothing to get offended about.  I may never buy a Mac product again because of this one guy.

So that’s my Mac store story.  What’s the lesson here?  Learn how to take a  joke!  Also, when my friend checked out his computer, the cashier rang it up on an I-Phone.

Typical Mac.  Obnoxious.

“This topic gave me 7.5 ‘Oy Veys’ of annoyance out of 10.”


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  1. Katie

    I completely boycott all apple products for many of the same reasons.
    The whole company just gets on my nerves. Everything about apple focuses on commercialism, asthetics and being the next in thing rather than more important things like, I don’t know, making a product that actually works for more than 3 months at a time. The fact that there are entire floors of the apple stores dedicated to people coming in with their messed up apple products and a whole team of people trying (and often failing) to fix them just goes to show that they really don’t have their priorities straight.
    That and the fact that the Ipad advert begins with the words: “Ipad is thin. I pad is beautiful.” Way to send a message guys.

    Rant over. Down with fanboys 😛

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